eMail Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Business leaders today are bombarded with an unprecedented amount of email, voicemail, and social media notifications from people both inside and outside their organizations. They barely have time to keep up with the essentials, so anything unnecessary that asks for more of their limited bandwidth is likely getting deleted or skipped over immediately.

This means that in order for buyers to even give salespeople’s messages a full read-through, your emails need to be attention-grabbing, personalized, and valuable from the start. To be the signal that cuts through the noise, your messaging needs to stand out from the sea of competitors by being more thought-provoking and relevant than the rest.

A Science and an Art!

But this is easier said than done. The practice of writing a response-worthy email is part art, and part science. Smart email campaigns include research, analytics and design.

Source:  HubSpot, The Art of the Sales Email


Infographic courtesy Marketo.